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Slick music player visualises song lyrics, costs $3,000

Out in September, the Lyric Speaker is a stylish and convenient gadget. It's also really expensive.

Do you hate having to look up lyrics online so you can sing along to your favourite tracks? Do you hate it enough to spend thousands of dollars on a music visualiser?

Six Inc. is hoping so, as it's releasing the Lyric Speaker in mid-September. Costing 324,000 yen (roughly $3,200, AU$4,200 or £2,400), it's a stylish Japanese gadget that includes song lyrics in its music visualisations.

The lyrics are uploaded to the display thanks to syncing with Puchiriri, a company that sources words for some 120 million tunes from major record labels.

The lyrics on display aren't just static, as the Lyric Speaker visually represents each word around the genre of song being played at the time. If you're listening to a rock song, expect the display to be sharp and angular, with each word springing up violently from the display. Listen to pop or something more relaxed, and the visuals and words react accordingly. Should the system not be able to identify the song, the screen still acts as a visualiser, minus the words.

The Lyric Speaker comes equipped with the most recent Wi-Fi sensors and is capable of syncing with more than your phone's built-in library, supporting Apple Music, Google Play Music and Six's Lyric Speaker app.