Slice mushrooms with one push

The Mushroom Slicer makes short work of mushrooms, with just one push.

Thursday Bram
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Thursday Bram

When I'm done slicing a mushroom, it tends to look like I used a saw. With the Mushroom Slicer, though, it's easy to get thin slices that look good and all it takes is one little push. The slicer looks like a glass, but has blades in the base. You line it up over the mushroom and press downwards. It chops mushrooms and collects the slices in the cup, with each new mushroom pushing the last upwards. The Mushroom Slicer works with other small fruits and vegetables of similar almost-firm consistencies--strawberries and tomatoes come to mind.

The Mushroom Slicer is made of a sturdy polycarbonate. It's dishwasher-safe, which makes cleaning up a snap, even if you're slicing something a little juicier than a mushroom. It can hold up to 1.5 cups at a time and stands 4 inches tall. The Mushroom Slicer is priced at $14.95.