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Sky's new fibre broadband is cheaper, but caps downloads

The UK broadcaster's latest offering is its cheapest yet at £10 per month plus line rental, but a monthly data cap will put off heavy downloaders.


Sky's getting aggressive when it comes to fibre broadband, with a new cheaper tariff -- but data-hungry download fanatics won't be satisfied.

The new deal, dubbed Sky Fibre, sits alongside the broadcaster's existing fibre tariffs, Sky Fibre Unlimited and Sky Fibre Unlimited Pro. Fibre broadband uses fibre-optic cables, which allow for stronger broadband than old-fashioned copper wires.

Sky Fibre costs £10 per month, and gets you a theoretical high-speed of 38Mbps, but with a 25GB usage limit.

That's a hearty amount of data, but if you watch a lot of on-demand movies and TV shows at home, through a TV, phone or tablet, you may find yourself chewing through your allowance before you know it.

There are also some extra fees to pay. £10 per month is the price of the package, but you'll also pay £16 per month in line rental on top of that, plus a £30 activation fee and a shade under £7 for router delivery. The contract ties you in for 18 months.

Sky is best known for its TV offering, but also offers broadband packages to its customers. A potential rival waiting in the wings is EE, which made its name as a 4G mobile network, but recently debuted a set-top box designed to take control of your telly habits.