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Sky Sports iPad app adds multiple F1 camera views

So you can keep one eye on that epic Angry Birds helmet.

iPad-owning Formula 1 lovers are in for a treat, thanks to an update to the Sky Sports for iPad app, which has been lined up on iTunes' grid just in time for the start of the new F1 season. Vrooooooooooooooooooooom!

Hat-tip to those eagle-eyed types over at The Verge who covered the app update here.

The updated Sky Sports for iPad app includes a multi-camera angle viewing feature with live TV feeds, so you can pick 'n' mix from eight F1 HD camera angles -- and hopefully spend most of the race chortling over the twists and turns of Finnish driver Heikki Kovalainen's epic Angry Birds helmet.

The updated app also lets you view a Twitter feed alongside the angry bees F1 action, so you can tweet about how much you love that epic helmet without having to take your eyes off it. Awesomesauce.

The app also lets you watch Sky Sports channels 1 to 4, as well as Sky's new dedicated F1 Channel Live.

Sky TV subscribers who already pay for the Sky Sports Pack, the HD Pack or Entertainment Extra can get full access to the app at no extra cost. Those who don't subscribe to these packages will have to pay £4.99 per month, and will only gain access to the Sky Sports News channel -- so won't be able to enjoy the full gamut of live feeds.

Are you mad-keen on multiple camera angles? Will you be live-tweeting the F1 action from your iPad? Let us know what you make of the new Sky Sports iPad app in the comments below or rave about its features over on our Facebook page.