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SinkTop Switch delivers what it promises

InSinkErator's SinkTop Switch lets you activate your garbage disposal without a wall switch.

Every time I try to turn on my garbage disposal, I first turn on the light over the kitchen sink. The two switches are right next to each other, and no matter how many times I make the mistake, I still can't remember which is which. I suppose I could label the switches, but that would destroy the minimalist look I love. Plus, I'd have to make a label, and that's just too much effort.

The SinkTop Switch comes in your choice of five finishes. InSinkErator

Far easier, at least for me, to tell my husband to install the InSinkErator SinkTop Switch. It mounts on the counter or the sink and offers a convenient alternative to those pesky, confusing wall switches.

The SinkTop Switch uses air pressure and an ordinary electrical outlet for power. You can actually install it without an electrician if you don't mind spending about ten minutes under your sink. InSinkErator says it's a great choice for an island sink, where running additional wiring could be costly or impossible.

Once installed, the button uses air pressure to send a pulse of air through a tube connected to the power module under the sink. The air triggers the remote switch and activates the disposal.

The SinkTop Switch works with any garbage disposal system and comes in a variety of finishes to match any kitchen decor.