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signature suit and SeeThru: Wrap up your Mac this Christmas

It's (almost) the season to be jolly, fa la la la la, so what better way to show you love your Mac than to wrap it up nice and warm? Here are two laptop cases we like...

If you're already finding yourself getting in the Christmas spirit this year, why not go the whole hog and dress up your MacBook or MacBook Pro with a yuletide flavour cover?

The 'signature suit' from Case-Mate (pictured bottom left), for your MacBook, comes in a variety of colours, but the red leather finish is rather striking and hits just the right festive note. The fit is good -- it feels very luxurious -- and it covers the whole MacBook, except for the important bits, like the ports, superdrive... oh, and the screen of course.

There are also cut-outs for the vents along with some extra coolness at the base, so no worrying about heat (mind you, that might come in handy this winter). We liked the way this product offered real protection for our cherished MacBook without making it look silly.

If you've got a MacBook Pro, one option is a 'SeeThru' case from Speck Products (pictured top right). This hard plastic affair had us worried at first. It looked a bit, well, plastic when first opened, but once we'd snapped it into place we were rather taken with it. The SeeThru case has all the right cut-outs, with an extra 74 vent slots on the base, and all the lines and curves are perfectly aligned with the MacBook Pro's contours.

The semi-transparent red colour, when placed over the laptop's aluminium finish, gave it a definite festive twinkle, and will ensure our pride and joy doesn't get scratched in the festive frenzy.

So, keep the figgy pudding off your beloved laptop this Christmas -- you'll find Case-Mate's signature suits for around £80, while Speck Products' SeeThru will set you back just £21. -DC