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Show off your wine while storing

The VinoView Silent 35 not only displays wine bottles, but also is a practical solution for storing already opened bottles.

Upright storage stops spills. Wine Enthusiast

Drinking and collecting wine continues to gain in popularity. It doesn't cost anything to get started (beyond the actual wine, that is), and good-quality wines can be found in the $10 price range. As your wine knowledge grows along with your collection, sooner or later you will be tasked with finding a place to store it all. As most of us do not have the option of creating a wine cellar, a simple refrigerated device is usually the best option.

The VinoView Silent 35 Bottle Wine Display Refrigerator is a solution that incorporates storage and use. It has a 35-bottle capacity, with room for four to be stored vertically. The refrigerator is designed to display up to seven bottles (three horizontally), which means that already opened bottles can be stored without leaking. To further highlight the display feature in this model, 10 mini spotlights are installed on the door interior, while there is also one ceiling light.

The VinoView Silent 35 has a temperature range of 54 degrees to 66 degrees. It measures 29 inches tall and just more than 18 inches across, with a depth of 25.25 inches. The convex-shaped door adds to the appearance, while the classic graphite trim door frames your growing collection nicely.