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20 shortcuts for faster Facebook navigation

Control Facebook from your keyboard with these handy shortcuts.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

If you don't use its mobile app exclusively and still check Facebook from your computer from time to time, then you might improve your Facebook experience with a few keyboard shortcuts.

Access keys

With these keyboard shortcuts, you can jump to the various areas of Facebook by pressing a key or two plus a number, which Facebook calls an access key. The shortcut combinations vary a bit from browser to browser but let you navigate Facebook a bit more quickly.


Chrome and Edge: Alt + #

Firefox: Alt + Shift + #


Chrome, Firefox and Safari: Control + Option + #

  • 1 -- News Feed
  • 2 -- Your Timeline
  • 3 -- Friends
  • 4 -- Inbox
  • 5 -- Notifications
  • 6 -- Settings
  • 7 -- Activity Log
  • 8 -- About
  • 9 -- Terms
  • 0 -- Help

Of this list, you'll likely use the first two most frequently along with #4 and #5 to check your Facebook messages and notifications, respectively. On Chrome on a Mac, for example, you would hit Control-Option-1 to head to the top of your News Feed, and Control-Option-2 to go to your timeline. Control-Option+1 also works as a quick way to refresh yours News Feed.

In testing with Microsoft's Edge browser on a Windows 10 PC, I found that only the Alt-1, Alt-2, Alt-9 and Alt-0 shortcuts worked. And nothing from the list below worked on Edge.

Navigating the News Feed

In addition to the above shortcuts, there are a number of keys you can use when taking a spin through the News Feed.

  • J -- move to next story in feed
  • K -- move to previous story in feed
  • L -- like or unlike the selected story
  • C -- comment on selected story
  • S -- share selected story
  • O -- open image or link of selected story
  • Esc -- close image and return to News Feed
  • P -- post a new status
  • / -- search
  • Q -- search chat contacts

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