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Serenading cake slicer

This multitasking cake slicer sings while it slices

It seems the older you get, the more lackluster the birthday celebrations become. And, while there's no need for birthday hats and balloons to fete the event, it seems that at the very least an indulgent cake is in order. The folks over at Gifts & More, however, would argue a musical cake server that plays the Happy Birthday song is in order too.

Musical Cake Server Gifts & More

Made to mimic antique milk glass, this mint-colored plastic is attractive enough to pull out whenever cake slicing is called for. (So long as you don't mind it playing Happy Birthday on your wedding anniversary.)

Though it may seem that there is only enough room in the world for one of these, it turns out one of the competing models plays multiple songs. But, it's out of stock, so we can't report back on it. (And it's unclear if it's out of stock due to its overwhelming popularity or its lack thereof.) Either way you slice it, these are more utilitarian that a plain old musical card and they'll definitely get people talking (or singing).