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See which apps are connected to your network with Mac app Loading

Keep an eye on the apps accessing your network with a friendly and familiar icon from iOS.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

When an app is accessing a cellular or Wi-Fi network on your iPhone, a small spinning starburst icon is displayed at the top of the screen. With the Loading app, you can get the same treatment in the menu bar of your Mac.

After installing Loading from developer Bonzai Apps, you'll see the familiar starburst icon in the menu bar. If there aren't any apps currently accessing your network connection, then the icon remains static. When you have an app using the network, the icon shows a spinning animation just like you see on an iPhone or iPad.

You can click on the Loading icon to see which apps are using your network. They are divided into two groups. Under the Loading header are apps that are currently using your network, while those listed under the Loaded header have used your network recently. Clicking on an app in either group opens a Finder window of the app's folder. You can also Option-click the Loading icon to see more details, including a direct path to each app.

To add another iOS-friendly feature to your Mac, see how to add a charging sound to your MacBook.

(Via OneThingWell)