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See a mad inventor's high-voltage ejector bed in action

A new video from mad inventor Colin Furze shows his latest creation, a bed that ejects snoozers when it's time to wake up, in action. One thing's for sure. This guy will never oversleep again.

No, you won't find a snooze button on this bed that literally throws you out when it's time to wake up. Video screenshot by Anthony Domanico/CNET

Last week we told you about the latest project from wacky inventor Colin Furze -- a high-voltage ejector bed that literally throws stubborn snoozers out of bed when the alarm goes off.

The project wasn't quite finished last week, but in a new video posted to YouTube on Thursday, Furze takes his now-completed ejector bed for a test run.

In the clip, we see a fairly imposing bed complete with flashing lights on top and a high-powered ejector mechanism below.

As Furze turns the power up during various test runs, the bed ejects him further into the room until he's practically hitting the wall.

Given some of his previous creations -- which include the likes of a toasting knife, superhero-esque flamethrower arms and a humungous metal butt to " fart in France's general direction" -- we're surprised Furze didn't actually fly through the wall, to be honest.

Oh, and the bed is equipped with horns that emit a horribly loud noise as the bed starts to do its thing. You know, in case being physically thrown out of your bed isn't quite enough to wake you up.

See the ejector bed for yourself in the video below.