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Secret Service will reportedly test drone for Trump security

The Secret Service is looking at whether unmanned aerial vehicles could be useful in protecting the president, Reuters reports.

President Donald Trump's new security detail?
Dave Cheng/CNET

The US Secret Service is reportedly turning to drones to bolster security for President Donald Trump.

The president's security detail will deploy a small tethered drone during the president's upcoming visit to his golf club in New Jersey to determine whether the unmanned aerial vehicles could be useful in protecting the president, Reuters reported Wednesday.  

The drone will fly autonomously at an altitude of 300 or 400 feet, focusing on the perimeter of the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, Reuters reported. The test is part of the agency's effort to incorporate several types of drones and tethered systems into its overhead security-monitoring efforts, the Secret Service said in a document released Wednesday.

The Secret Service's aerial surveillance is currently conducted by manned aircraft supplied by local, state and federal government agencies. But the manned aircraft is often too loud and cannot provide consistent coverage, Reuters reported.

The Secret Service couldn't immediately be reached for comment.

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