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Scramble to get eggs just right

You can scramble eggs with no mess with the Shake Me Egg Shaker. Even in kids' hands, the shaker will keep eggs contained.

The Shake Me Egg Shaker

While some of us just crack a couple of eggs into a pan and scramble them with a fork, I was always taught that I'd get lighter and fluffier scrambled eggs if I whisked them in a bowl before I started cooking. But that means more mess: more dishes to wash. And if I have help making breakfast, I'm going to need to wipe down the counters, as well. The Shake Me Egg Shaker offers a good alternative, especially if you've got kids helping in the kitchen. Crack up to three eggs into it, put on the lid and shake for a few seconds. Your scrambled eggs will turn out just as light.

The Shake Me Egg Shaker has a Y-shaped beater inside that does a good job of scrambling eggs, letting you leave bowls, whisks, and mixers in the cabinet. If you're planning to season your eggs, you can add in salt, pepper, and other spices before you start shaking, which will evenly distribute those flavors throughout your eggs. The whole shaker is made of food-grade plastic and can go through the dishwasher in the top rack. The egg shaker measures about 3.5 inches by 4.25 inches. It's priced at $12.95.