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Scholtes fridge merges old and new...with talons?

The Scholtes RDL 45A retro refrigerator incorporates classic styling, modern convenience, and scary talons.

The Scholtes RDL 45A refrigerator incorporates classic styling, modern convenience, and scary talons. Scholtes

Retro is in. In fact, retro never went away and it never will. I've come to the understanding that once something has happened, it will always happen. It's true in music, it's true in fashion, it seems to be true in any fad. Considering that design is a reflection of our aesthetics, one can count on similar themes being played out over and over again.

Which is all fine and good, but doesn't explain to me why this fridge has talons.

First the basics:

The Scholtes RDL 45A measures just more than 27.5 inches across, and its inside capacity is about 14.5 cubic feet. You'll find all the standard amenities you've come to expect from a fridge from any era: three shelves, fruit and vegetable bins, butter dish, and door shelves. Of course, it even has an egg compartment. The freezer compartment, which measures 3 cubic foot, has adjustable shelving, while the NoFrost function ensures your retro refrigerator won't actually work like an old fridge.

I don't remember seeing any fridge with such pronounced protuberances. So, this fridge may be retro, but it also has its own thing going on. There is no denying those handles evoke their own sense of style. It's a bit scary, especially with those rivets around the perimeter. Seems to me to be evoking some sort of medieval or Viking style, but I doubt Scholtes meant to make this fridge that retro. It does utilize electricity after all.

via Appliancist