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Save Web images to your Amazon Cloud Drive with Chrome extension

With Amazon's Save to Cloud Drive extension for Chrome, the ability to save images to your Amazon Cloud Drive is but a click away.

Matt Elliott/CNET

Amazon's Cloud Drive is a particularly good deal for Prime subscribers, with its offer of unlimited photo storage. And with Amazon's Chrome extension, Save to Cloud Drive, you can quickly and easily save images you encounter online to your Cloud Drive.

The Save to Cloud Drive extension is simple in operation and does not require a Chrome restart. After you add the extension to Chrome, the next time you see an image on the Web that you'd like to save, right-click and from the contextual menu choose Save to Cloud Drive. You'll receive a quick notification letting you know that your file has been successfully uploaded. Images are saved to the All Files section of your Amazon Cloud Drive, as opposed to the Photo & Videos section.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

The extension also adds a button to the right of the URL bar in Chrome that provides a shortcut to view your Cloud Drive files and sign in and out of your account. You can also access settings, which lets you select from one of 11 international locations.

Save to Cloud Drive works for Amazon Prime members and their unlimited photo storage and non-members with their free 5GB of storage alike.

Source: Ghacks via Lifehacker.