Save 25 percent on TurboTax Online

Don't pay list price for Intuit's popular Web-based tax-return service. Instead, click through the Fidelity Investments site and save big, no strings attached.

Rick Broida Senior Editor
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Rick Broida
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Know what bugs me the most about the new year? The need to prepare and file yet another tax return.

I've been a TurboTax user for enough years that now I just stick with it out of habit--and hence my chief goal each January (OK, each early April) is to find the cheapest possible price.

For the moment, the best deal going comes from Fidelity Investments, which is offering 25 percent off all versions of TurboTax Online. Thankfully, you don't have to be a Fidelity customer to take advantage of it; just click Visitor Entry and you'll see the discounted prices on Intuit's site.

Update: State Farm has the same promotion running.

Those prices include TurboTax Deluxe for $22.45, Premier for $37.45, and, the one I'm stuck with, Home & Business for $56.20. All versions come with a free Federal e-file; plan on coughing up another $27.70 (gack) for State.

One thing I do like about TurboTax is that you don't actually pay for the service until you're ready to file--kind of a try-before-you-give-the-government-another-infuriating-chunk-of-your-money-buy incentive.

I know it's early yet to start thinking about April 15, but, hey, the early bird saves the 25 percent. If I find a better deal, I'll be sure to share it, but based on what I've seen in recent years, this is about as good as it gets--on TurboTax, anyway.

If you have a different preferred tax-return solution (and/or a cheaper deal to share), let's hear about it in the comments.

Bonus Deal: Hungry? Taco Bell is offering a free Fresco Taco, no strings attached. Just print the coupon and make a run (literally) for the border: the promotion expires after 1 million coupons have been printed or redeemed. (I just used mine. Tasty!)