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SanDisk Clip blows iPod Shuffle out of the water for $19.99 (today only)

An OLED screen, FM tuner, voice recorder, and 2GB of storage give the Clip an unequivocal edge over the 1GB Shuffle, which costs twice as much.

Make no mistake: I think the iPod Shuffle (currently $39.99 for a refurbished 1GB model) is a fantastic MP3 player for joggers, gym-goers, and anyone fascinated by tiny electronics. But let's get real: the SanDisk Sansa Clip, which has today only for $19.99 (plus $5 shipping), whups the Shuffle at almost every turn. (Note: This is a refurbished model.)

For starters, it has a screen. Granted, it's a very small screen (1 inch), but it does let you choose the song you want to hear--unlike the screen-less Shuffle. Next, it offers 2GB of storage to the Shuffle's 1GB and comes with an FM tuner and voice recorder--two features the Shuffle lacks.

Weighing just under an ounce (!) and measuring 2.2x1.3x0.6 inches, the Clip is incredibly small. To get an idea for how small, watch CNET's Jasmine France take it for a test play in the above video. Meanwhile, you can read CNET's complete, mostly positive review of the Clip.

Think I might just nab one of these myself, as I've been looking for a clip-able player to take running. If you're equally interested, don't wait: Woot's deal expires at the end of the day.