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Samsung Windows 8 tablet revealed

Samsung's Windows 8 tablet, set to be handed out to developers at a conference today, has been snapped ahead of time.

Samsung's Windows 8 tablet has been snapped, ahead of Microsoft's Build conference that kicks off in Anaheim, California in just a few hours.

The conference is for developers and we've heard rumours that attendees would receive a Samsung Windows 8 tablet, to take home and tinker with, the lucky blighters.

We're expecting to hear more about the titillating tablet once the conference commences, when we should get a deluge of information on Windows 8, and hopefully on this tablet too. But this early snap, picked up by is enough to pique our curiosity.

Okay, admittedly you can't see much -- we wouldn't even like to guess at the size of the thing. And we've no idea whether this tablet will ever hit our shelves or whether this is just a prototype for developers to toy with.

But we're keen to see whether Windows 8 makes a compelling operating system for tablets -- if developers take to this Samsung slate, then by the time Windows 8 launches Microsoft might have an app-filled tablet to rival the iPad and Honeycomb devices.

We've already seen a fair bit of Windows 8, and we know that it'll pack a tile-like interface, built for touchscreen devices. It's going to have an app store, will run on both desktop PCs and tablets and could support Windows Phone apps.

We're fans of the Windows Phone interface, with its swooping transitions and slick presentation, we just wish it had more apps. Fingers crossed Windows 8 changes all that.

Are you intrigued by Samsung's Windows 8 tablet? Or is this just a rubbish iPad pretender? Let us know in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.

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