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Samsung Series 5 Hybrid PC is a Windows 8 laptop and tablet

Check out the Samsung Series 5 Hybrid PC, an 11-inch alliance of tablet and laptop powered by Windows 8.

Can't decide between a tablet and a laptop? Then check out the Samsung Series 5 Hybrid PC, an 11-inch alliance of tablet and laptop powered by Windows 8.

The Series 5 Hybrid PC -- snappy title, guys -- is a laptop that splits in half, the screen becoming a separate tablet. It's similar to the popular Asus Transformer Prime, which combines the portability and quick access of a tablet with the comfort of a laptop for more intensive tasks.

It's an X86 PC, so it runs full-fat Windows 8 instead of Windows RT, the version designed to run on tablets. It's also set to be compatible with a stylus like the S Pen with which you doodle on the Samsung Galaxy Note.

Full specs haven't been revealed yet, but Samsung has confirmed that it packs an 8-megapixel camera, with a 2-megapixel snapper for video calling. Samsung also reckons the Hybrid PC should last for around 10 hours of battery life. One of the cleverest features of the Prime is that the dock charges the tablet, effectively acting as a spare battery.

No release dates or prices have been announced, but we imagine Samsung will be quick off the blocks when Windows 8 is released towards the end of this year.

Asus has been busy too, revealing the Asus Transformer AiO which runs Android and Windows 8. The Asus Taichi is another laptop and tablet mash-up with a screen on the lid, of all places.

These crazy new directions in laptop design are among the new devices unveiled this week at trade show Computex in Taiwan. Keep it CNET for the pick of the coolest gadgets making their first appearance.

Is Samsung and Windows 8 a match made in heaven? Or should Samsung stick with Android? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.

Image: Engadget