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Samsung SC-HMX10: Hi-def flash shooter

Samsung is launching three of its first wave of camcorders previewed at CES. The SC-HMX10 will shoot HD to 8GB of flash memory, while the SC-MX10 and SC-DX10 give you a choice of recording options

Samsung is finally ready to launch the SC-HMX10, its first ever high-definition camcorder. The SC-HMX10 (pictured) heads a trio of camcorders previewed at CES way back in January that will all be available from September in the US.

The SC-HMX10 records to 8GB of internal flash memory, which is at least an increase to the frankly laughable 4GB announced at CES. Samsung claims this is enough to shoot a feature-length opus at the highest quality setting. Thankfully, memory can be expanded with an SD or SDHC card for stretching your epic beyond the 90-minute mark. The SC-HMX10 utilises a 1/6-inch CMOS sensor, and features HDMI output and a 10x optical zoom. The 69mm (2.7-inch) LCD screen will be of the touch-sensitive variety. It will be out in the US in September for $799 (£400).

Samsung has also announced the SC-MX10, a tapeless camcorder that will record video straight to SD card. You can keep track of the action on a 69mm (2.7-inch) widescreen LCD. You can also get right up close and personal with a humongous 34x optical zoom. US price will be $299 (£150).

Finally, the SC-DX10 gives you three recording options. Write your video to DVD-R, internal memory, or SD/SDHC cards. With a paltry 4GB onboard storage you may well have to use all three. Once again, you call the shots with a touchscreen. The SC-DX10 will cost $549 (£270).

Considering there are 100GB camcorders out there, 4GB or 8GB internal memory on these camcorders seems pretty measly. But at this more affordable price point, writing to widely available and ever-cheaper SD cards is officially a good thing, and the flexibility is there to shoot footage in hi-def or for the Web. No word yet on UK release for any of these stateside shooters, but Crave will be reporting from Samsung's product showcase in London soon. -Rich Trenholm