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Samsung Q530, Q430 and Q330: Three laptops for hunky giraffe lovers

Need to cut together some HD wildlife footage while you're waiting for your flight? Samsung has you covered with the Q series, three new high-performance, portable laptops

Picture the scene: you're a sexy, trendy man about town, with several hours to kill in an abandoned airport of some kind, and a whole lot of HD footage of giraffes to edit. What's the tool that gets the job done? Answer: the Samsung Q530, the flagship of Samsung's new Q line of laptops.

We've embedded the Q530's frankly brilliant promo video -- where this scenario is masterfully played out -- at the bottom of this post. First though you'll have to read through our overview of these intensely interesting new machines. Unless of course you just scroll down. (Please don't scroll down.)

The 15.6-inch Q530 is the flagship, and offers an HD LED display with a 16:9 aspect ratio, plus a choice of Intel's Core i3 or Core i5 CPUs on board to keep things chugging along at a fair old lick.

It's only 27mm thick, and weighs somewhere between 1.97 and 2.39kg depending on how you configure it. Other features on board include an HDMI output and a three-in-one card reader. Nvidia GeForce graphics options will let users enjoy "state of the art 3D computer games and high-definition movies with incredible performance and fidelity," according to our Korean overlords.

We'll believe it when we see it. If 15.6 inches is a little wide for your tastes, the 14-inch Q430 will offer many of the same configuration options in a slightly smaller package. The 13.3-inch Q330 is even smaller yet and features hybrid graphics, switching automatically between the more powerful Nvidia GPU and the standard Intel graphics card also present on board.

All three machines will apparently offer between 6 and 7 hours of battery life, again depending on your configuration and whether you opt for the 5,200mAh or 5,900mAh battery options. All in all, three laptops we're very much looking forward to getting our hands on.

Right! Enough jibber-jabber, let's start the picture show. Our favourite bit is the slow-motion facial expression 26 seconds in. Oooh yeah.