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Samsung Project Beyond camera to capture 360-degree 3D video for Gear VR headset

Designed to work with the company's Gear VR headset, the puck-shaped camera promises to deliver a new level of immersize video.

James Martin/CNET

Samsung wants you to experience the world without leaving your couch.

At its second annual developers conference, today, the electronics giant announced Project Beyond, a camera that will not only capture a 360-degree view, but does it in 3D.

The camera is designed to work with Samsung's upcoming Gear VR headset expected to be available in early December.

"We're going to put it all over the world," said Pranav Mistry, vice president of research for Samsung Research America. "Once you have your Gear VR, you'll be able to teleport to those places and events."

Several 360-degree video cameras have been released this year for consumers -- from the Kodak Pixpro SP360 and Ricoh Theta to the Geonaute, Giroptic 360cam and VSN Mobil V.360.

James Martin/CNET

Project Beyond actually looks like a larger version of the Centr camera, a Kickstarter project that didn't reach its funding goal. Samsung's camera is set apart from all of these, though, by capturing in 3D.

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