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Samsung N110, N120: 10-hour netbooks

Samsung has detailed a new pair of 10.1-inch mini laptops -- the N110 and N120, which claim to offer seriously impressive battery life

Samsung has pumped out details of a new pair of 10.1-inch netbooks -- the N110 and N120. Both are powered by Intel Atom CPUs, and claim 9.3-hour and 10.5-hour battery life respectively. Though such figures mean naff-all until we've tested them under our own conditions, it's a promising little promise if nowt else.

So with what are these Samsung sandwiches filled? Like yesterday's N310, the N110's keyboard is 93 per cent the size of a full-sized board of keys, whereas the more appealing N120's is full-size. Both use LED-backlit displays, weigh 1.3kg, and incorporate 1.3-megapixel cameras, memory card readers, three USB sockets and run Windows XP Home.

The more delectable N120, pictured below, should in addition to that full-size keyboard and better battery life deliver decent sound quality. Or at least be louder, as it's got a dedicated subwoofer built in somewhere.

Samsung N120

Samsung's laptops average just over seven out of 10, based on all models we've reviewed, so we're expecting neither miracles nor horse waste wrapped in a plastic chassis. Both models will be on sale in Europe, Asia and the US in April, with the N110 going for £349 and the N120 setting you back £379.

Update: A previous version of this story referred to the N110 and N120 as the NC110 and NC120. Apologies for the error. Prices have also been added.