Samsung HMX-E10: Budget 1080p camcorder with a twist

The Samsung HMX-E10 is a new budget camcorder that's getting us in a spin with its swivelling lens

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Richard Trenholm

The Samsung HMX-E10 is a new budget camcorder with a twist. Not only does it record high-definition 1080p videos, but it also includes a swivelling lens that spins around 270 degrees for greater shooting flexibility.

The E10's intriguing lens is similar to that of the Sony Mobile HD Snap Camera MHS-PM1, also known as the Webbie. The E10's flush-mounted, spherical lens is far more elegant than the PM1's chunky spinny bit, but the PM1 has a greater range of spinny-filmy.

The spinning f2.2 lens is backed up by a 1/3.2-inch CMOS sensor. Video is recorded in H.264 format and played back on a 69mm (2.7-inch) touchscreen.

The controls switch to a horizontal position during full-screen playback.

Your HD footage is recorded on a microSD card. There are USB and HDMI connections for playback, file transfers and charging. They're concealed beneath a handy flap.

The E10 will come in white, black and orange versions, from August. Pricing is yet to be confirmed but, if it's to compete in the mini-camcorder market, it'll need to be somewhere between about £100 and £150.