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Samsung Gear 360 hits US stores on August 19 for $350

The ball-shaped gadget lets folks create their own video for VR headsets.

The Samsung Gear 360 was first introduced at Mobile World Congress earlier this year.
James Martin/CNET

The Samsung Gear 360, a camera capable of taking 360-degree video and photos, will be widely available on August 19 in the US.

The twin-lens ball-shaped gadget, which allows people to shoot their own video for VR headsets and other 360-degree presentations, was on limited availability for $350 in the US since last month and hit the market in South Korea and Singapore in April.

Each of the Gear 360's fisheye lenses covers a 195-degree angle of view that, when stitched together using a Samsung Galaxy S7 (or other select Galaxy phones to be named later), gives you a full 360x180-degree view to explore with a VR headset or dragging around your fingertips on a touchscreen or your cursor on a computer.

The announcement followed Samsung's "Unpacked" event in New York, during which the company unveiled its new Galaxy Note 7 smartphone.

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