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Samsung Galaxy View tablet could have a handle and a curved stand

Leaked images of the rumored 18.4-inch tablet shows a sleek, enormous slate made with some practical design elements.

New photos of the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy View, which appear to be press-ready renders, suggest that the rumored 18.4-inch tablet will have a curved stand built right in. The images, obtained by SamMobile, also reveal a handle to help carry the extralarge slate.

Samsung's rumored Galaxy View comes as consumer interest in tablets has waned. Companies such as Apple and Microsoft have attempted to spur interest by offering larger displays geared towards power users.

The integrated stand would prop up the giant screen in various orientations. It isn't clear what the nature of the curved stand is exactly, or whether it's flexible or rigid. Samsung also appears to have designed the device with portability in mind; one of the images show a carrying handle. Another comes with the tagline "watch movies anywhere."

The first images surface of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy View. SamMobile

Another notable distinction you can see in the photos is that the Galaxy View may include a front-facing camera. While this feature has not been mentioned in previous rumors, it definitely makes sense to have a camera for video conferencing.

When will we learn official details? It should happen soon. Samsung previously teased a big screen tablet for October. With barely a week left in the month, the clock is ticking fast.