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Samsung Galaxy Tape Android tablet to be shown off at IFA?

The Samsung Galaxy Tape Android-powered tablet computer will come out of the closet at next month's IFA convention, according to a source in Korea

Rumour has it Samsung's gorgeous-looking Android tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tape -- or Samsung Galaxy Tab, depending on who you talk to -- will be officially annouced at this year's IFA tech show in Berlin.

That means we'll only have to wait until 3 September to find out more about this oversized slice of Android, according to the JoongAng Daily, quoting an unnamed Samsung source. The Tape is expected to feature a 7-inch Super AMOLED screen, like a giant Samsung Galaxy S', a microSD memory card slot and a forward-facing camera for video calling.

Samsung has busted out tablet computers in the past, but models including the Samsung Q1 and Samsung Q1 Ultra HSDPA didn't catch on with Windows on board, and the Tape is their first to use Google's Android operating system. 

Our question is, why are we still waiting for an awesome Android tablet? Efforts such as the Dell Streak and the Archos 5 have whetted our appetites, but we're still waiting for someone to slap a smart, clean version of Android on a capacious, slim screen like the Apple iPad's and release it into the wild. 

But this Christmas should finally drop some Android-powered iPad competitors under our trees, with LG also rumoured to be whipping one up this year. It's about time.

Via Oled-display.net