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Samsung Galaxy Tab: Tablet to launch on 2 September, teaser video released

Samsung has released a teaser trailer for the launch of the Galaxy Tab, its eagerly awaited Android tablet, which aims to make off with the iPad's thunder

After weeks of rumours, Samsung has finally announced a launch date of 2 September for its Android 2.2-toting Galaxy Tab tablet computer. The company's also posted a teaser video for the 7-inch tablet on its website.

In the video, Samsung reveals it will officially launch the Galaxy Tab at the IFA tech show in Berlin, as speculated in our previous report.

The teaser video features a similar soundtrack to the Inception movie trailer. Besides glimpses of the tablet, the words 'augmented reality' and 'video call' are given particular emphasis.

The video is just 16 seconds long, but, in that time, the words 'Flash support', 'HD movie play' and 'e-reading' also appear, indicating some of the Galaxy Tab's features. Flash support is an interesting move considering the Tab's main competition, the iPad, doesn't have it, and probably never will. 

Yesterday, Engadget got hold of some pics that look like the real deal, showing the Tab with a 1,024x600-pixel resolution on a now-confirmed 7-inch screen. It's also 'affirmative' for the presence of Android 2.2. There's still no official word on whether the Tab will have a Super AMOLED screen, though.

Other rumoured specs that will be confirmed on 2 September include a 1.2GHz A8 chip, 16GB of memory and a microSD slot.

The tablet market's been heating up ever since Apple launched the iPad earlier this year. We've since seen the release of the Dell Streak, but the Tab may be the device that really gives Apple a run for its money.

Does the Tab teaser video excite you? Do you think it will challenge the iPad? Will you be getting one at launch? Let us know.