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Samsung's new Android tablet may cost as much as iPad Pro

A listing on Best Buy's website indicates that the tablet will cost $600.

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Samsung recently debuted its beautiful, all-glass iPad Pro competitor, the Galaxy Tab S3, without announcing price or availability. However, it looks like Best Buy just prematurely spilled the beans.

A listing on Best Buy's website shows the tablet priced at $600, the same starting price as the Apple iPad Pro 9.7.

It's no surprise that the Galaxy Tab S3 tablet could cost as much as the high-end iPad Pro. With an incredibly sleek design, promisingly speedy specs, unique HDR-ready screen and dynamic speakers, it's positioned to be the next best tablet for watching video.

Samsung is packaging the tablet with a revamped S-Pen stylus that has a rubber tip for a more pen and paper-like feel. This adds a little more value to it over the iPad Pro, which works with the sold separately Pencil stylus.

Still, iOS has a leg up on Android with more tablet-optimized apps, as well as a larger variety of apps.

When asked for comment, Best Buy did not respond. A representative from Samsung confirmed that it has not announced pricing or availability for the tablet.