Samsung Galaxy Tab just £299 for a limited time at ASDA

For those of you sick to death of the iPad 2, take heart at this new offer from ASDA. A Samsung Galaxy Tab for just £300 for a limited time -- what are you waiting for?

Ian Morris
2 min read

Bum-bashing bargain-basement supermarket ASDA has ingratiated itself to us today, and not just for its super-cheap baked beans and almost-free Pot Noodles -- the staples of any geek diet -- because it's offering the original Samsung Galaxy Tab for just under £300.

There may be a flotilla of new and exciting tablets headed our way -- including new Galaxy Tabs -- but Samsung's original slate is still one of our favourite gadgets. For a start, it's the right size. Steve Jobs might claim 7-inch tables are "dead on arrival", but we think he's quite wrong.

For a start, Samsung's 7-inch masterpiece will actually fit inside a coat pocket, or even into the back pocket of your jeans. It's also possible to use the Tab on the train when you don't have a seat, while iPad owners flounder, having to chose either falling over or sitting on the filthy floor to use their huge great two-handed tablets.

The Galaxy Tab's ability to play MKV-format HD video out of the box puts it head and shoulders above the iPad, which is only capable of playing Apple HD video. We tested this to the max on a recent trans-Atlantic flight, and the Galaxy Tab didn't miss a beat. There's also Flash support too, so Web pages look as they were intended and you can dip into online video when you please.

Then, of course, there's the fact that for £300 you get a 3G-capable phone too. In theory you could throw away your mobile, grab a Bluetooth headset and just use the Tab as your main phone, although you'd look like a courier. Plus you can browse the Web when you're away from Wi-Fi too. For an iPad 2 that does that, you have to spend a minimum of £499 for the 16GB 3G model. The Galaxy Tab also includes a microSD slot that can accept 32GB cards, allowing you to expand the device's built-in 16GB storage. 

Let's not forget you can use your new Galaxy Tab as a Wi-Fi hotspot too. Another feature the iPad 2 doesn't offer, it's very handy if you want to share your 3G Internet connection with friends, perhaps some of those that were daft enough to buy a Wi-Fi only iPad.  

ASDA says stock is limited, so you'd better get a shuffle on if you're hoping to snap one up. You may be able to earn cashback on this offer too, with Quidco offering 4 per cent on all electrical items bought from ASDA. Once you've paid, you can collect your new tablet in-store, or have it delivered for £5.

As Jobsy says, one last thing: Samsung is currently offering £200 worth of free content for the Tab, including seven free games, 15 free movies and £25 worth of ebooks from WHSmith. Or you could buy an iPad, and pay £30 for a crap magnetic case.