Samsung Galaxy Tab gets official accessories range

The Samsung Galaxy Tab now has a selection of bits and bobs, including a keyboard and a well 'ard smart case that rescues your Tab if you drop it.

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Richard Trenholm
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Samsung has announced -- and priced -- a range of official accessories for its hotly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Tab. The selection of Tab kit includes a keyboard dock and a smart-goo case that instantaneously hardens if you drop it.

Samsung is launching two docks for the Android-powered tablet. The first is a portable keyboard dock with connections for charging and 3.5mm audio output. It'll be exclusively available from Carphone Warehouse for six weeks after the Tab's launch, before going on sale at other outlets. It'll cost £70.

The second is called a multimedia desk dock on the strength of its 3.5mm speaker output and mini-HDMI socket. But it docks the Tab in portrait orientation -- a landscape version would be more useful for watching high-definition movies on the Tab's 7-inch screen. The portrait dock will cost £40, but unless you absolutely have to have your Tab upright while feeding content to your HD television we imagine you'd be better off saving your cash for a landscape version.

There are two official leather and gel cases. The gel case is made of d30 impact-sensitive shock-absorbing wondergoop, which is soft to the touch but hardens when you drop it. That'll cost £20.

Samsung is also offering a range of headphones, speakers and cables. A TV-out composite cable will cost £15, and an in-car charger £25.

The Galaxy Tab launches on 1 November. It'll be yours for £500 or £530 SIM-free at Carphone Warehouse, with prices still to be announced by the rest of the major networks and gadget retailers.