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Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite leads four tablets in early 2014

Samsung is planning a tidal wave of tablets in Q1 2014, according to reports, including a Galaxy Tab 3 Lite for less than £100.

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Richard Trenholm

Samsung is planning a tidal wave of tablets to kick off the new year, according to reports, including a Galaxy Tab 3 Lite for less than a hundred quid.

SamMobile claims there will be a quartet of tablets in the first three months of 2014, and they could include a cheaper Tab 3 and some of the largest tablets Samsung has ever brought to shops.

There are rumours of giant 12.2- and 13.3-inch tablets in the works. The point of these oversized slates would be to replace laptops, probably by attaching to separate keyboards for more involved typing.

The cheaper Tab 3 Lite has been strongly rumoured to be revealed early in the new year, with SamMobile mentioning a price of €100 (£84). If it's real it will probably cost more than that here in Britain, but that's still a price that gives rivals such as the Nexus 7 a run for its money on the value front.

Lower-specced, cheaper Lite versions of popular devices could be on the cards across Samsung's smorgasbord of smart phones, with rumours of a wallet-friendly take on the Galaxy Note 3 also setting the rumour mill spinning.

Can Samsung rule the tablet market the same way it rules the world of smart phones? Would you replace your laptop with a 12-inch Tab? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.