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Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 coming to Vodafone, hints Facebook post

Vodafone has posted a link to an article on the Android 3.0 Honeycomb software and Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, which may be a veiled hint the operator will stock the tablet when it goes on sale.

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Is Samsung's Galaxy Tab 2 coming to Vodafone here in the UK? The operator has made no announcement, but it has sparked speculation with a post on its official Facebook page, linking to an article about the soon to be announced Android tablet.

"There are some great Android smart phones in the pipeline -- Nexus S, Xperia Play and LG Optimus 3D -- with more coming to Vodafone soon," says the post, which was published yesterday.

"But Android's just about to get even bigger with the launch of the first Honeycomb tablets around the corner. Interested? There's a preview video of Honeycomb in this FoneHome article so take a look and let us know what you think. Will you be picking one up?"

The link is to an article speculating on whether the Galaxy Tab 2 will use Google's Honeycomb Android 3.0 software, with a video showing the OS' key new features.

Why would an operator ask its customers if they're thinking of picking up a Galaxy Tab 2, if it's not planning to sell the device? Well, that's the question. Although to be fair, Vodafone may argue that its final sentence relates purely to 'Honeycomb tablets' rather than the Galaxy Tab 2 in particular.

We already know the new device will be unveiled at Mobile World Congress, thanks to a leaked PR schedule late last month. It will apparently be unveiled alongside the new Samsung Galaxy S 2 smart phone.

The Galaxy Tab 2 has been tipped to be larger than its predecessor, with a 10-inch screen, possibly using AMOLED technology. It may also be 3D-capable to compete with LG's new G-Slate, and is likely to sport a beefier Nvidia Tegra 2 processor, a better camera, and 64GB of internal memory.

Honeycomb? And other networks? All will be revealed this Sunday at Samsung's MWC press event, which we'll be covering in exhaustive detail.