Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 ban lifted in iPad copycat case

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 has been granted a temporary reprieve from the Europe-wide ban promoted by Apple in a German court.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 has been cleared to return to shops -- for now. The Android-powered tablet is banned across Europe in a legal dispute with Apple, but amid accusations of shenanigans, 10.1 has been granted a temporary reprieve.

The 10.1 was banned from sale in Europe until an EU court could make a decision about Apple's claim that the Galaxy range copies the iPhone and iPad. Concerns have surfaced over Apple's evidence that highlights the similarities between the two tablets, but it's questions over the court's jurisdiction that have relaxed the injunction against the 10.1.

The preliminary injunction, granted last week by a court in Düsseldorf, is still in place, but is now only to be enforced in Germany. It won't be enforced anywhere else for the time being, meaning you should be able to buy a Tab 10.1 between now and the actual court hearing on 25 August.

The injunction doesn't apply to the Netherlands, where Apple is brewing separate legal proceedings. The Dutch dust-up will be decided on 15 September.

The temporary easing of the injunction appears to be linked to a legal issue over the jurisdiction of the court. Apple is in a scrap with two branches of Samsung: Samsung's European mothership, and Samsung's German offshoot. The German court has authority over the Germany subsidiary, but isn't sure about its ability to make a cross-border ruling for the whole of the continent.

Legal-eagle blog Florian Mueller at Foss Patents speculates the issue may be the translation of the German word 'Niederlassung', which may or may not refer to Samsung's subsidiary companies. Thrilling stuff, you'll agree -- we're waiting for Steve Jobs to take the stand and yell, "You can't handle the truth!"

The case arrives in court on 25 August.