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Samsung Chromebook is another stab at Chrome OS, costs £229

Google's trying once more to make its Chrome OS platform popular, this time with a mega-cheap Samsung laptop.

Google's taking another stab at making Chrome OS a hit, with a Samsung laptop that costs a mere £229.

The Samsung Chromebook -- not to be confused with this year's Samsung Chromebook 550 -- has an 11.6-inch screen with a healthy 1,366x768-pixel resolution and is shockingly light at just 1.1kg.

In addition, Google reckons the battery on this gadget should last you all working day, with a touted 6.5 hours of survival away from the mains. It's powered by a dual-core Samsung own-brand processor and has two years of free 100GB storage space on Google Drive.

Sounds pretty good for just £229, but there's a catch -- unlike a normal laptop, the Chromebook is powered by Chrome OS, which is Google's own Internet-based operating system. Chrome OS is a cloud-based platform, which means that unless you have an active Internet connection, there's not much you can use it for.

The last Chromebook failed to impress, garnering just two stars in our review. That was largely down to the high price, however, so it's possible that with a low price tag this new model's offline shortcomings won't be felt so sharply.

Our US colleagues have already gone hands-on with the new device, but first impressions were none too positive. "Given its sluggish performance sometimes," CNET writes, "I can't say I was blown away by the Samsung Chromebook. It's fine for many tasks, but power users accustomed to having more than a couple dozen browser tabs open should steer clear." 

If you want to buy the new Chromebook, get yourself down to PC World. Or get yourself to PC World's website if you're feeling lazy. Are you planning on buying? Or would you rather own a Windows 8 hybrid laptop? Tell me in the comments or on our Facebook wall.