Samsung's new SSD is industry's biggest at 30TB

With twice the capacity and performance of previous designs, this thing is friggin' huge.

Molly Price Former Editor

Samsung announced the production of the PM1643, a 30.72TB SSD. 

Samsung Electronics

If you bought the biggest iPhone it has 256 gigabytes of solid state storage. Samsung's new solid state drive (SSD) could eat 120 of those iPhones for breakfast.

The Korean company has begun production of a massive 30.72 terabyte (TB) solid state drive called the PM1643, it announced on Tuesday. Intended for use in next-generation storage systems in the government, health care and education sectors, it's now the industry's largest capacity SSD in production.

All of that storage is enough for 5,700 full HD movies at 5GB apice, the company says. Samsung accomplished the feat by combining layers of flash memory into "super-dense" 1TB packages. 

The drive offers twice the capacity and performance of Samsung's previous 15.36TB drive, unveiled in March 2016. The new version has sequential read and write speeds of up to 2,100MBps and 1,700MBps, respectively -- more than triple the speed of Samsung's consumer-level 860 Evo and Pro models, for example. 

Samsung began manufacturing of the PM1643 SSD in January and plans to expand the lineup later this year with smaller versions. Pricing was not announced.