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Russell Hobbs Easy Toaster keeps toast at the ready

The Russell Hobbs 19990 Easy Toaster features two front-facing 'keep warm pockets.' The helpful toaster feature can help keep busy mornings on schedule.

Toast time can be whenever you want it to be with the Russell Hobbs Easy Toaster.
Toast time can be whenever you want it to be with the Russell Hobbs Easy Toaster.
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The UK is on a breakfast roll -- or at least on a roll regarding what Americans generally consider breakfast items. Recently, we saw the iKettle, a Wi-Fi-enabled hot water kettle that can be controlled with a smartphone. Neat idea for those that never know when they'll be ready for a spot of tea. Given that there probably isn't a mysterious 'toast time' we Americans know nothing about, now they have a toaster over there specifically designed to be able to keep toast warm until it's time to eat.

The Russell Hobbs 19990 Easy Toaster (£34.99) is a basic toaster that adds a surprising twist. Noticeable right off the bat are the two front pockets promising fulfillment of something delicious. Curious when empty, obvious when filled, the toaster pockets are designed to keep hungry appetites satisfied at a moment's notice. For it is toast that is meant to go inside these pockets.

The 'Keep Warm pockets' are clear, removable covers that hold bread next to the body of the toaster. This close contact keeps slices of bread and toast warm while the next batch gets made. The flat back toaster sits flush against the wall with the pockets facing forward, offering a space-saving feature that keeps the toaster out of the way while always being at the ready. Good news no matter when toast time happens to be.

Via Appliancist