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Roomy Panini press offers something for everyone

Breville offers a new, larger Panini press with convenient features.

Breville's press is versatile enough for everyday use.

Are you looking for a sandwich-making machine? Breville's new Panini Press has a 25 percent larger cooking area that makes it not only perfect for making sandwiches, but also its stainless-steel construction and cast-aluminum cooking plates makes it a great indoor grill.

Measuring 12.25 inches wide by 15-inches long by 5-inches tall, the 1,500-watt appliance offers versatility in a package that's perfect for the countertop.

To earn such an honored place in the kitchen requires convenience that is useful on a dally basis. With an adjustable top cooking plate, the press makes it easy to cook foods of varying thickness. The grills angular surface is adjustable, so you can  tilt it to drain fat and cooking liquid away, or they can keep it flat for more even cooking.

The handy countertop appliance is a useful device that is well-suited for grilling meats and vegetables in addition to making popular pressed sandwiches. With such versatility always within reach, easy home-cooked meals are never very far away. And with a cleanup that requires little more than a damp cloth, the versatile cooker ensures that the whole meal experience is convenient from beginning to end. It's available at Williams-Sonoma for about $120.