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Rocking your world with the video reviews round-up

If you lived under a rock and just emerged, would you care about the 3G iPhone? While you're out in the sunshine, why not stick around for some hardcore video reviews?

Think about it: if you were living under a rock, emerged and found out that Steve Jobs had unveiled the Apple iPhone 3G, what would your first reaction be? Elation over this new product, or confusion about your life spent under the rock? We'll never know for sure, but while you're up for air, you'll see from our latest video reviews that there are actually other great products out, too.

Moving swiftly on from iPhone mania, Andrew presents the Nokia N96 video review. It's much more practical than the N95, including not only 16GB of memory, but also -- and perhaps more importantly -- a 3.5mm headphone jack so you can use it with your own headphones. We can't wait for its August release.

Mini camcorders could be the new mini laptops -- netbooks, laptots, whatever you want to call them. Making a decent effort with its ultra-slim mini camcorder, the Creative Vado Pocket Video Cam video review shows off its ability to record video just about anywhere. It's easy to use, sports 2GB of flash memory and you can upload videos to YouTube with the touch of a button. You won't get high definition with this tiny shooter, but if it's important to you, check out the Sony Handycam HDR-SR11 video review. The chunky beast will record HD footage on its hard drive or memory sticks and sports a bright and responsive touchscreen.

We've grown tired of the glossy black styling on TVs and monitors, and the Samsung SyncMaster T220 video review shows off the company's 'rose black' styling in this flat-panel monitor. We're not entirely sold on this style either, but it's a step in the right direction. You'll need to watch the video to see if it'll suit your current setup. While unique styling isn't necessaily the Panasonic Viera TH-46PZ85 video review's main attraction, it does showcase the TV's superb picture quality and brilliant sound.

Last but not least is the Canon Selphy CP760 video review. We like the instant gratification from this no-frills printer's quick prints, and the excellent photo quality seals the deal.

We hope these videos truly rocked your already rocky world. -Shannon Doubleday