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Roccat put optical switches in an ultralight gaming mouse for $60

The Burst Pro and its $30 sibling, the Burst Core, are built for speed.


The Burst Pro has a translucent body to let its lights shine through. 


PC gaming peripheral brand Roccat is following up its release of its first keyboards built with its own optical switches with a pair of gaming mice using those same switches. Like the new Vulcan Pro keyboards announced on Sept. 23, the $60 Burst Pro and $30 Burst Core mice use the company's new Titan Optical switch that the company says registers mouse clicks up to 100 times faster than standard traditional mechanical gaming mice. UK pricing is £50 for the Pro and £25 for the Core; pricing wasn't available for Australia but converts to AU$84 and AU$42. 

Both mice weigh in at 68 grams (2.4 ounces) and have the same ergonomic symmetrical shape. Roccat used a honeycomb frame to cut down on weight but then covered them with a translucent shell to keep dust and other filth out. The Pro lets the honeycomb shine through the shell with RGB lighting; the Core only has lighting on the scroll wheel. Also, both the Pro and Core have 100% PTFE skates (more commonly known as Teflon) to help you glide across your mousepad.  

Along with the additional lighting, spending more for the Burst Pro gets you Roccat's Owl-Eye optical sensor with a DPI up to 16,000; UV-coated buttons to help keep your grip even with sweaty hands; and a PhantomFlex cable that Roccat says gives it a near-wireless experience without having to use a mouse-cord bungee. The Burst Core uses an 8,500 DPI PAW3331 PixArt sensor in place of the Owl-Eye and, again, lacks the Pro's internal glow. 

Available in black or white, the Roccat Burst Pro is expected to be available on Oct. 30, with the Core following on Nov. 16