Ringtones for adults (literally)

Brickhouse Mobile offers cell phone content that would do Hugh Hefner proud.

Personalize your phone to a new extreme

Even though I get hundreds of press releases a month, the e-mails from Brickhouse Mobile always stand out from the crowd. As the "preeminent mobile solution provider for the adult entertainment industry," (the company's words, not mine) Brickhouse definitely has a unique business; you might say it's the polar opposite of a company like Disney Mobile. Though Brickhouse isn't an MVNO, it does provide a variety of adult-themed cell phone content (both straight and gay) including wallpaper, videos, ringtones, and games. I haven't seen any of it personally--and I wonder what exactly an adult ringtone would sound like--but Brickhouse continues to tout new partner deals, including its latest agreement with adult video provider K-Beech, Inc.