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Ringtone roundup: Make your own in four phone clicks

Master an easy four-click method on your Windows Mobile cell phone for turning an MP3 file into your ringtone.

It's a pretty boring Billboard ringtone chart this week, with the same crowd of top-10 contenders simply shuffling around.

"Adios Amor Te Vas" by Grupo Montez de Durango is back in first place, while Henry Mancini's funky "Pink Panther" ringtone is in second and the Koji Kondo "Super Mario Brothers Theme" is in third.

So, let's review one of the quickest methods for making your own.

While there are many programs available for making your own ringtones, some cell phones offer you a simple three- or four-click solution.

This is old news, but it amazes me how many people still don't know about it.

I am using the Cingular 8525 (now called the AT&T 8525), but this should work on most Windows Mobile cell phones. It's as easy as click, click, right-click, click.

Click File Explorer on your Windows Mobile cell phone.

Click the folder where you keep your music, whether it be within "My Documents" or on a storage card.

Right-click on the MP3 music file.

Click the "Set as Ringtone" option. You're done. The first few bars of the song will now be your ringtone.

This method does not allow you to chose a specific clip from a song. Still, it's a great way for you to keep updating your ringtones if you already own the music and have loaded the MP3 files to your cell phone anyway.