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Return of the $109.99 Kindle 2

Act fast! Amazon just made more refurbished Kindles available for the lowest price ever. They sold out once, and they'll definitely sell out again.

The Kindle 2 has never been cheaper.
The Kindle 2 has never been cheaper.

The other day, as I was wrapping up my post on the Ooma Telo, I discovered that Amazon was selling refurbished Kindle 2 e-book readers for the unheard-of price of $109.99 shipped.

Needless to say, it didn't take long before they sold out.

Well, guess what: they're back! And they'll undoubtedly sell out again, so before you read anything else, just go buy one already!

Update: Apologies, folks, but it did indeed sell out. But check back in a day or two--maybe Amazon will have more.

I do wonder if this is a precursor to a newer Kindle model, which has been rumored for months. There's also a small part of my brain that thinks Amazon might be getting out of the e-book hardware game altogether. The competition is suddenly fierce, what with iPads, Nooks, and the like.

Amazon could discontinue the Kindle line and focus on the Kindle software, which is currently available for Android, BlackBerry, iPhone/iPod/iPad, PC, and Mac. I'm not saying this will happen, simply that it could.

Either way, a Kindle 2 for $109.99 is awfully hard to pass up. The only question mark is the warranty, which isn't specified anywhere on the product page. Some quick anecdotal searching suggests it's one year, same as a new Kindle, but I haven't been able to verify that.

If you can, hit the comments and let me know if this is the magic price point you've been waiting for to finally take the Kindle plunge.

Bonus deal: Speaking of stuff that keeps selling out, Dell has the Creative Vado HD pocket camcorder (4GB) for $59.99 shipped.