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Retro-futuristic iMac concept looks like an early Apple on a diet

Take an original '80s Mac, smoosh it together with an iPad and a MacBook Air and you get a Macintosh concept desktop full of modern tech and classic looks.

Curved concept Mac
That's a slim and sleek little Mac idea. Curved Labs

Remember that "Doctor Who" episode when all of history is happening simultaneously and Winston Churchill is the Holy Roman Emperor? Even if you haven't seen it, you can imagine what it might be like to have time folded into a big wad where everything is familiar, but nothing is quite the same. That's the sense you get when you look at German technology site Curved Labs' Macintosh 2015 concept computer.

Curved Labs wanted to meld Apple's technology of today with the company's early design aesthetic. The result is what looks like a time-traveling mishmash of ideas in which the small screen of the original Macintosh is mushed together with the skinny form of an iPad, but it all stands up like a little iMac. It's part MacBook Air, part tablet and all weird and wonderful. In place of the original floppy disk drive, there's a place to stick your small, modern memory cards instead.

The concept computer's designers wisely chose to bypass the weird beige color of the original, instead opting for sleek silver like you would find on a MacBook Air.

The retro-futuristic look of the Macintosh 2015 is undoubtedly attractive, but modern-day users would likely balk at the small screen since we're all so used to luxuriously large monitors on our desktops.

Curved Labs envisions this machine having a touchscreen, a FaceTime camera, SSD flash memory, a new Intel CPU, speakers and a microphone. Pretty much all the luxuries of a new computer. The Macintosh 2015 may be a tribute to early Apple, but it's unmistakably a creature of our current times.

It's unlikely Apple will ever come out with a computer quite like this, but if it were available, would you want one?

Curved Mac concept with old Mac
Can you tell which is which? Curved Labs