Remove unwanted items from photos with free Inpaint (Win)

This popular utility, normally $20, does automatically what would usually require a lot of manual editing in Photoshop. Plus: three bonus deals!

Lousy buildings always ruining the scenery! With Inpaint, it's a simple matter to remove unwanted elements from photos.

How many awesome photos have been ruined by a telephone pole appearing to stick out of someone's head, or people walking into the background at the last second?

Anyone adept with Photoshop can remove such unwanted elements, but it takes some doing. You need time, expertise, and, well, Photoshop (which ain't cheap).

Today only, Giveaway of the Day has Inpaint 4.7 for Windows free of charge. Normally $19.99, this clever utility can quickly and easily remove date stamps, power lines, people, scratches, and other undesirable elements from your photos.

Update: Make sure you click the "Download Inpaint 4.7 now" link and NOT the big blue Download button. The latter is an advertisement and will lead you to something else entirely.

In other words, it's photo-restoration software, with an eye toward restoring by way of removing. Basically, it detects the edges of various elements within a photo, then lets you select those elements and delete them as desired. Easy-peasy.

I haven't had the chance to test-drive it myself yet, but the user reviews at Giveaway of the Day are overwhelmingly positive: 83 percent gave it a thumbs-up.

As with all this site's freebies, this one must be downloaded and installed before the clock strikes midnight tonight. Note: After expanding the Zip file, run the Setup program to install it, then run Activate to register it. Anyone who e-mails me to say they "only got the trial version!" will be met with snickering.

Even if you don't need this utility today, I say grab it and keep it on hand for the next time some wayward tourist -- or telephone pole -- ruins an otherwise awesome snapshot.

Bonus deal: Did you score one of those dirt-cheap sound bars from a previous post? If so, think about pairing it with a subwoofer, which can make a huge difference. While supplies last, Best Buy has the Insignia Rocketboost 6.5-inch wired/wireless subwoofer for $19.99 shipped. Regular price: $89.99. It plugs into your existing sound system or pairs wirelessly via an optional Rocketboost transmitter.

Bonus deal No. 2: Concerned about home security? (Duh: who isn't?) Today only, TigerDirect has the KGuard CA14-C02 all-in-one security system for $199.99 shipped. It features four night-vision cameras and a 500GB DVR for recording and reviewing footage. This might be a great choice for a small business, too.

Bonus deal No. 3: Game time! Redbox is offering a free one-night video game rental when you text JUSTDANCE to 727272. Dishonored, anyone?

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