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Relearning how to drink coffee

The Mug/Coffee Cup Warmer allows you to drink coffee at your own pace.

No need to reheat.

Drinking coffee is a very individual endeavor. We know what we like, we know how we like it, and we know what temperature we would like it at. To have anything less would be a compromise. Considering the amount of coffee shops we pass in our daily routine, it is a compromise that has no need to exist. No matter how we like our coffee, chances are a fine purveyor of the dark elixir will be more than happy to satisfy our caffeine needs. What we do after we have obtained the potion, well, that is entirely up to us.

Enjoying a cup of coffee at the optimum temperature does not have to be a fleeting affair. The Mug/Coffee Cup Warmer is a tabletop device uniquely designed to keep our coffee from cooling down. Plugging into a standard wall socket (click here for your USB-powered coffee cup warming needs), the warmer offers a high or low setting allowing users to enjoy their joe at their own pace. Operating as a heated coaster, the easy to use device illuminates a blue LED when powered on.

After years of coffee drinking, I have acquired an innate ability to determine when my mug of coffee is at my preferred temperature. Having a warmer continually supply heat to my morning mug would require me to relearn how to drink my coffee. However, anything that keeps my morning brew away from a dreaded microwave reheating can certainly only be a good thing.