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Red Hat working on JBoss security certification

Common Criteria security certification process is under way en route for Red Hat's JBoss Java software.

Correction 10:05 a.m. PST: This blog initially misstated when Red Hat made the announcement. It was Thursday.

Red Hat is working on gaining the Common Criteria certification for its JBoss Enterprise Application Platform for running Java software, the company announced Thursday.

Such certification is a significant step in gaining acceptance among governmental and international customers. The Linux seller is seeking Evaluation Assurance Level 2 across multiple operating systems, not just Red Hat Enterprise Linux, a company representative said.

RHEL 5, the company's main product, currently has EAL 4+ certification, a higher level, on both Hewlett-Packard and IBM servers, and SGI has EAL 3+ and is seeking 4+ certification.

Red Hat has been getting more active in the Java arena. It acquired the JBoss software in 2006 for running Java Enterprise Edition software on servers, though the company has had trouble meeting its JBoss financial targets. And Red Hat announced a partnership with Java creator Sun Microsystems on Monday under which it will contribute to the core Java Standard Edition software project.