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Razer Core V2 coming to Australia in Q1 of 2018

The first Core tapped desktop gaming power out of an ultrathin laptop, but it never came Down Under.


Announced last year, the Razer Core is an external graphics card holder that promised to turn the 12.5-inch Razer Blade Stealth into a gaming beast. Australians wouldn't know though -- the Core never came Down Under.

That's changing now, according to Razer. The recently unveiled Core V2 will come to Australia in Q1 of next year, Razer ANZ Marketing Manager Lalor McMahon told CNET at the PAX gaming convention in Melbourne, Australia on Friday.

It's retailing in the US for $499, so we can expect to pay AU$650 to AU$700, he estimated. It'll be sold from Razer's online store as well as Microsoft Stores.

Here's how the Core works: You slot a graphics card into the holder, like an Nvidia GeForce GPU or an AMD Radeon, and then connect the Core to your laptop via Thunderbolt USB. Razer says it only guarantees its own laptops will be compatible with the Core, but that the Core should work with some others too. You'll need to ask your manufacturer to be sure, though.

The Core V2's announcement came after Razer refreshed its Blade Stealth for the second time this year. The laptop, which comes in both 12.5- and 13.3-inch variations, now sports a quad-core, eighth-generation Intel i7 processor.

Check here for a comprehensive list of what GPUs you can fit into the Core V2.