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Razer Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for PC gamers

Mice, headsets and even the Stealth gaming laptop get holiday discounts.

Sarah Tew/CNET

PC gaming company Razer makes high-design laptops such as the Razer Blade Stealth, as well as accessories, from gaming mice to colorful keyboards. The company is offering discounts on many of its peripherals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday through online stores, including Amazon and Newegg. (The deals will appear at these links on the days in question.)

Black Friday

  • Diamondback Mouse, $39 at Amazon
  • BlackWidow X Chroma Keyboard, $109 at Amazon
  • Kraken Chroma Headset, $64 at Amazon
  • Naga Chroma Mouse, $59 at Newegg and Amazon
  • Leviathan sound bar, $139 at Newegg and Amazon

Cyber Monday

  • Naga Chroma Mouse, $59 at Newegg and Amazon
  • Leviathan sound bar, $139 at Newegg and Amazon

Plus, for Black Friday, there will be a deal on Razer's website for the slim Razer Blade Stealth (which starts at $999) and its optional Razer Core add-on, which is an external box for connecting a desktop graphics card. The $500 Core will be $100 off, and when purchased with the Stealth, Razer will include a $100 gift card for the Steam game store.

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