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Raspberry Pi to be made in Britain in Sony factory

Raspberry Pi is going to be built right here in the UK, with production moving from China to Sony's Welsh factory.

Raspberry Pi, the micro computer that costs less than a trip to the cinema (assuming you load up on popcorn), is going to be built in the UK, with the bulk of production of the £22 PC moving from China to a Sony factory in Wales.

Writing on its official blog, the makers of the UK-developed Pi explained that producing the unproven gadget in our green and pleasant land had proven too pricey until now, with British manufacturers costing too much, and factories unwilling to make space for the unproven gadget.

"Happily, things change," the Pi's producers say. Production will shift to a Sony manufacturing plant in Pencoed, south Wales, that as well as churning out Sony's own gadgets, builds other companies' technology on a contract basis.

The plant impressed the Raspberry Pi foundation's Liz Upton, who described the facility as, "the quietest, pleasantest plant I've ever been in, all comfortable lighting, ergonomic workspaces, cool air and relaxed staff".

The Welsh plant will produce 30,000 Raspberry Pi units per month, which is a stone's throw from Pencoed -- a town that sits on the Ewenny River and boasts a population just shy of 12,000. The contract is expected to create about 30 new jobs.

Raspberry Pi has captured the imagination of enthusiastic tech-heads as well as educators, with Google's Eric Schmidt saying the dirt-cheap computer could have the same impact on young programmers as the BBC Micro.

Grown-up gadgeteers, meanwhile, can try their hand at converting the £22 computer into a media centre, while Raspberry Pi is also getting a taste of Android.

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